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ItaSaku Fest Coming in November!



Hello everyone! We’re holding an ITASAKU FESTIVAL (or Itasaku week, whatever you want to call it) starting on Sunday, November 23rd. We would like you to contribute in anyway you can, art, fanfics, gifs, manips, videos, etc. Please tag it as #ITASAKUFEST so we can track it easily and reblog it on here.

As expected we do have prompts for the week, listed below. We are however, flexible with the prompts and you don’t have to follow them if you’re not inspired by one or any of them, for that matter. Just specify what you’re changing the prompt to in your caption, if you do decide to change it!

Remember because content might be hard to work with this pairing you can set it in any universe(s) you would like to!

Day One: Meeting [Nov 23rd]

Day Two: Pining [Nov 24th]

Day Three: Mythology [Nov 25th]

Day Four: Alternate Universe (it can be anything, let your creativity flow!) [Nov 26th]

Day Five: Gratitude [Nov 27th]

Day Six: Training [Nov 28th]

Day Seven: Sweets [Nov 29th]

Please, please, please. Reblog this and spread the word! We really would love to see as much submissions as possible. Thank you!!